10 Must Follow Phone Rules for Solopreneurs.

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Being a solopreneur is tough. You are solely responsible for all the aspect of your startup.

The best way to approach it, is to define and follow a set of rules. It will allow you more time on growing your business.

1. Different phone number for business.

Keeping a different phone number for your business is essential for a work and life balance. It is best not to share your personal phone numbers to business contacts or to have it on your business card.

Get yourself a virtual phone number. It would allow you to receive both the calls made to your business and personal numbers, on the same phone and save you from having to carry 2 or more phones.

2. Make use of intelligent call routing.

Intelligent Call Routing

You might one to receive calls on your office phone in the morning, which might be a fixed phone. But in the evening or weekends when you are out, that phone is as good as dead.

Use intelligent call routing to receive all the calls where ever you want, without having multiple phone numbers. Intelligent call routing on virtual phone numbers can send call to different numbers based on time of the day. Even send call directly to voice-mail without ringing, to allow you a good night’s sleep.

3. Look professional to your clients.

You might work out of your home office. But do the clients really need to know that ? Give your start-up a professional look with Interactive Voice System (IVR) on your virtual phone number.

look professional

An IVR allows you to play a welcome greeting, when someone calls you. You can also use it’s extension system to distinguish you sales department from billing.

4. Welcome your callers with a smile.

Instead of letting your callers hear a ringing sound until the call in answered. Great them as soon as the call is connected with the help of voice greeting feature of IVR with the virtual phone number.

It helps you build your brand and keeps the caller captivated. Its way better than the boring ringing sound.

5. Play soothing music for your callers.

On Hold music

Do you need to put your customers on hold sometimes ?

It is probably necessary for you to do that but the callers don’t really have to be bored. You can set an upbeat on hold music, so the time flies quicker for the caller. Thanks to virtual phone number IVR.

Replacing the music with a business announcement is also a good technique to inform caller about your new products.

6. Record all the business conversations.

Whether you have a bad memory or not. It is highly recommended that you records all your business calls, to safeguard you from future problems.

In business you would not encounter a he said/she said situation very often. As usually every thing is put in black and white. Nevertheless, its wiser to protect yourself from that situation and records the phone conversations on your virtual phone number.

7. Listen to your voice-mails as soon as possible.

On Hold music

People will call you any time they need you. But it is not humanely possible to be available to answer phone calls all the time. What if you are in a meeting ?

Sure you have a voicemail where people can leave their messages, but should you really wait till the end of the day to listen to it ?

Make use of virtual phone number’s hosted PBX systems which can send your voice-mails right on your inbox. Where you can listen to it any time you want.

8. Get yourself a FAX enabled Virtual phone number.

Who is still using FAX in 2016 ?

Well a lot of business still uses FAX to share documents. Instead of scanning and attaching the document to an email, they simply fax it to your number.It is easier for them. And they are using for a long time.

Get yourself FAX enabled virtual phone number, which can receive and send FAX to your inbox. Where you can still read it just like an email attachment.

9. Analyse your phone calls.

Do you track your website visitors ? Then why not callers ?

You can probably tell if your business is doing better or worse than last month by having a look at website visitors. Similarly you can get an understanding of your callers by analysing call reports of your Virtual phone number.

If a regular caller is calling less, may be you are going to lose the account. If your support department is receiving a lot of call, its probably a good time to fix the glitch.

10. Keep tab on your phone bill.

Save on phone bill with virtual number.

As a soloprenuer you must get more out of your money. If you spend a good sum of that on just phone bills, it’s not an indication of an efficient business.

Regular phones have a huge monthly rental which come with it. As a startup you are going to ring people more than others. hence, you would inevitably cross your calling plan.

Use virtual phone number with VOIP to reduce your phone bill for your startup. Without compromising on on the quality.


When you are a soloprenuer, it is hard enough to manage everything on a small budget. To do it perfectly, you need to efficient, not wasteful. Take leverage of new technology where ever possible.

Do not spend $100 on something that could be done for $10 without compromising on quality. Be brave and explore new technologies.

Big companies might shy away from them, as they are big. They have the budget and it takes a long time to train their work force. They are the elephant in the game.

You are not, you are the ant. You might have a hundred disadvantages over them but you can adapt 100 times quicker than a big company. Use it in your advantage.

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