5 Point Formula to Increase Your Online Business with a Toll Free Number.

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Don't ask your callers for tolls.
Don’t ask your callers for tolls.

I am a huge fan of chocolate. Well, who isn’t! you might think.  You are right. Talking about chocolates, the very first name that pops up in my mind is “Hershey’s”.

A chocolate brand that is part of everybody’s growing up story. This brand has been there forever. I’m sure even my granny had Hershey’s as a kid.

A business this big and this old hardly needs a mention or an advertisement. Yeah, in all things marketing, what is seen is what is sold, so all companies have to advertise.

But, when I saw Hershey’s having a toll-free number, it got me thinking about the why, what, how’s of a toll-free number and its role in increasing business.

So, I went searching on the good old god, err, Google (almost the same) to understand and here’s what I found – A Toll-Free number surely increases your online presence and business. My findings:-


More Calls, More Business.
More Calls, More Business.

More Calls, More Customers, More Business.

A Toll-Free number is essentially a free call for your customer.

They can actually reach out to you at no cost to them and still get all the information they need. Plus your customer can reach you from anywhere.

Basically, it’s the whole of United Sates of America, who have absolutely free access to your business. So logically, it is wider awareness, a bigger footprint for your business, more calls, more customers, therefore more business.


Branding is important.
Branding is important.

Branding and Image Boosting.

You are an online business. To top it up, you are an entrepreneur with limited cash flows but big goals. In addition, you have to compete as a newbie with established players in a market that is already fragmented for profit sharing.

Oh boy! you definitely need super branding and a huge image boosting. A local number can’t really do that.

A local number pitches you as a local/regional player, whereas a toll-free number projects an image of a national player. It’s an obvious choice to make, isn’t it!?

Visibility matters in business and for an online business, the best visibility is the appeal to a virtual customer who feels for you on the virtual network.

A professionally made interactive voice response message creates a brilliant image for you, which directly impacts the business.


Keep the revenue coming 24x7.
Keep the revenue coming 24×7.

24X7, at Your Service

My granny used to say that they had to reserve time for shopping as it was a day’s work.

Take out the time to “travel” to the shop, walk/sit through all the options, choose and “travel” back home.

Well, we are one lucky generation. We don’t have to “travel” to shop. We can do it all at the click of a button right from the comfort of our homes.

Brilliant! But, how does the same scenario pan out for you, if you were a small business owner with just an online presence?


One really regular, big and worrisome possibility is getting a customer call when you are not there to attend it physically.

You can pack and throw this worry out of your window with a toll-free number by your side. All such numbers come with a CRM that tracks all the calls you receive.

It’s easier for you to get back to your customer and make them feel, they matter, which by the way they do.

With a little bit of training on what to say when you revert a customer’s call, you can easily give your customer a 24X7 service that is most appreciated in these times.

We all know one thing – a happy customer is a sure buyer.


Learn about your customer through data.
Learn about your customer through data.

Data, Data, Data

If you are in this century and haven’t heard about analytics, then my dear friend, you are already out of the game.

From the simplest of things like taking a jog to the most complicated thing (that I know of) like orbiting a rocket in space, everything depends on analytics, which in turn depends on data.

It’s everywhere. In fact, it’s not an overkill if I were to say, you are in it – Data!, its that important. This is exactly what the CRM of a toll-free number gives you in comparison to a local number.

Real time call logs, call tracking, record calls, geographic segmentation of calls, these are few very basic features that come to your rescue.

A good toll-free number service can provide 20 – 25 specific features like these which help you analyze your customer’s needs better and faster. T

he advantage, you stay ahead of the competition, provide what your customer needs faster and improve your online business.


Be Ironman.
Be Ironman.

Salesman – No, Ironman – Yes!

Too much Hollywood in my thoughts! Heck, if it helps prove a point, why not! The point I am trying to prove here is simple. A local number binds your salesman whereas a toll-free number makes him/her soar like Ironman!

Ok, let me explain. Psychologically, whenever you see a toll-free number the image of a business on the other side is that of a big one.

It is also that of a big, trustworthy business which will deliver on its promise. To think of it, who will have such a long number but a big business, no!?

Your salesman, who is your actual agent of ‘bring in the money’ needs all the support he can muster to be out there, meet a potential customer and close the deal. A big and a trustworthy image helps do just that.

A good toll-free number service can help personalize your business to your client and your salesman by a simple redirect.

Your customers can be easily connected to a direct phone number, mobile or a desk phone, making your salesman easily accessible whenever the customer needs to talk. A sure shot way to convert your prospect to a recurring customer.

If you have an online business, grow it further with a toll-free number. These five reasons and may be more will stand by you to do so.

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