Do online businesses really need a Toll Free Number?

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toll free or 800 phone number
Toll free or 800 phone number.

If you are running an online business, you might have though of getting a toll free number like the big boys in the game. But a toll free number would cost you money. Would spending the money on the toll free number number be an asset or just another liability.

Convert your website traffic into sales.

Even when you are targeting just a particular geographical region. Sometimes you get visitors from other countries, places from where you didn’t expect to receive visitors. Well at least you didn’t expect to receive a lot of visitors. Now there are probably very few downside of receiving traffic on your website. Specifically from high converting countries from North America. Unless they are just spamming the website with unwanted content, you really would most likely welcome the traffic. And serve people from countries like US & Canada, with high purchasing power and conversion rate.


Give your website visitors the confidence to buy from you, with a toll free number.

If it’s possible for your business to sell the services or products to visitors from USA.You should absolutely make it easier for them to conduct business with you. it should be the primary concern of your customer acquisition program. Online businesses concentrate on a lot of things to convert visitors into paying customers. Most of strategies revolves around a/b testing. Making the checkout procedure as seamless and shorter as possible. Which is basically making the customer feel comfortable with your website or your product.

Sky Rocket Your Conversion Rates With a Toll Free Number.
Sky Rocket Your Conversion Rates With a Toll Free Number.

Drive your conversion rate into the sky with a toll free phone number.

Webmasters invests lot of time and resources in these things to drive up the conversion rate. But one primary elements of customer satisfaction is how easily can they contact you. When customers see a local number on the website or the toll free number of the country. They feel safe in conducting business with that particular website.

You might try to compensate for the phone number with a live chat or email. But most of the customers primary from USA would prefer a to see a phone number to trust your website. As it wouldn’t make the website look alien to them. Also most of the consumers still prefers an old fashioned phone call. To enquire about the product or services before making a a final decision about the purchase. This might turn into a major turn off for them.


A toll free number makes it easier for consumers to contact you.

If they go to the contact page and see a number from UK on a number from different continent altogether. It is very unlikely that customers would take up the hassle of calling an international number, also many of the telecom providers do block international calls by default & a user has to get international call facility activated to call your number.

Now that’s a lot of work & hassle, they have to go through to buy your product, instead they might just  do another Google search and find a similar online business offering the same product or service with a US phone number & you would lose a revenue to a competitor.

Buy Toll Free Number Cheap
Buy Toll Free Number Cheap.

Get a toll free number for $15 a month only.

one of the prime reasons why small & startup businesses might not want to get a USA Tell Free Phone Number has to do with not being able to comprehend how to obtain a a toll free number & how much would it cost them.

With Number Farm you can get a US Toll Free Number activated for use in just 2 minutes, you get to choose the number you want from an available list of toll free numbers & all the calls made to that phone number would be sent to any current phone number you are using in any part of the world.

As per the cost of obtaining a Toll free number. You can get a Toll Free Number from NumbeFarm for $15 only. Which is less than then price of any descend web hosting or email server, live chat you are might be using right now.

If you are still not quite sure if you really need the toll free number just sign up a trail with NumberFarm, you would get to use the phone number with all premium features for 30 days absolutely free of charge.

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