Get an International Phone Number.

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Get an International Phone Number.
Get an International Phone Number.

Internet has made business global almost by default. So, the need for International phone number. Today you can trade anywhere, with anyone and sell almost anything. Thinking global as a small or start-up business can open up an entirely new market for your business. Getting to this point is not as difficult as one might imagine.

Having an international phone number used to mean having an office or answering service in the country where the phone number was from. This meant that it was costly and difficult to get a phone number. Real international business was only available for those with deep pockets. Today it has all changed and getting an international number is easy and affordable.


Get yourself a national presence.

An international number extends your business globally. And gives you a national presence. In almost any country without having to step foot in the country you seem to be in. Technology means that you can route calls to wherever you are. And pick them up and answer them. Now your business can be look like operating anywhere from Amsterdam to Zeebrugge.


Affordable international phone numbers.

International phone numbers come at a cost. Very much like a Toll Free number the cost is for the company not the caller. The cost is not as high as one would imagine. Companies like NumberFarm are very affordable. Because essentially a when a company orders an International Phone number they are ordering an alias. All thanks to digitized telecommunications.


Easier access to international phone numbers.

Switching From analog to digital has allowed easier access to International Phone numbers. Many International phone number providers offer a number of extra value. Addes features that include the ability to forward calls exactly as desired. To any phone whether it is on a conventional landline, VoIP or even a mobile network.

When someone is calling the ringtone they hear is the same as the one they expect to hear.  Emulating the exact same scenario as when making a truly local or national call. Also paying the same price for the call is exactly what a virtual international phone number aims to do.


Locals caller ID, when making local calls.

Most International phone number services also ensure that the local number is displayed when call back to a customer in a particular country. If you are calling your customer in Johannesburg, South Africa. From your office in Chicago.

The number shown on the receiving device will be +27 11 xxx xxxx or even just 011 xxx xxxx. This gives you an even greater local look and feel. The customer will feel confident he is dealing locally.

Virtual vs Real Phone Numbers.
Virtual vs Real Phone Numbers.

Virtual vs Real phone numbers.

Until recently international numbers used by companies not present in the country could be fairly easily identified. But as digitisation of telecommunications has grown, telling the difference between a virtual number and an actual number is close to impossible.

The better providers of international numbers such as NumberFarm can provide numbers, not just for a country but also a particular city or town. Considering where you want to be perceived to be is important. Just having a number in England or Sweden is OK.But it is better to be localised.


Get a localised phone number.

Because having an international number is affordable a company can have more than one number. Localising your number can be useful when promoting and marketing your company overseas. People still prefer to call a company close by, rather than on the other side of the country.

Many international number providers give you the option for short term usage.This can be helpful in determining the best town or city to locate your number in.


Benefits of a virtual PBX.

To benefit from an International number your business needs to be on a VirtualPbx to get started. A VirtualPbx system opens up so much value, when it comes to communication. For any size business and is very affordable. The VirtualPbx allows your company to have a number of add-ons to your phone system.


How much does an international phone number cost ?

International Phone Numbers vary in price from country to country but on average the cost is as little at just $20 a month. To get your international number the process is straightforward. Contact your provider such as NumberFarm. They will have a representative assist you.

You will be advised how the billing operates.How the calling in and out works. You can choose your phone number by country and city. The process takes a matter of minutes.It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to receive your new international number. Once you have your number you will be able to use it immediately.


On a final note it do not assume that all your customers and prospects speak English or your native language. In planning for your new International Presence consider this, first. It may be worthwhile hiring someone who can speak the foreign language. Do not overlook the part & just jump in a get a number in countries like China, Korea, Turkey or Germany.


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