US phone number from India?

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There could be several answers to the question, why you would need us phone number from India ? if you have a friend or family living in the states, getting a US number does make a lot of sense. As your friends and family members would be able to call you anytime.

Without worrying about getting a international calling card for activating International calls on mobiles. They can just dial the Phone number and get in contact with you, back in India. That too, on the phone of your choice, be a mobile or landline phone.


Why get a US phone number when you have Skype ?

When a ton of free alternatives are available online. Where you can talk to your friends or family absolutely free of cost. That includes Skype, Whatsapp, even Google Hangout. But nothing quite gives you the flexibility and ease like a good old phone number.

You can use it anytime you like without any Internet connection. Without the whole technical setup of laptop, microphone, webcam etc. Especially if you communicating with someone who is not tech savvy or an elderly person. Having a US phone number makes the process a lot of easier for them.


US phone number for businesses.

If you are running a business which targets us consumers. Or you have an online business which gets a lot of visits from US consumers. It is absolutely necessary for you to have a US phone number. As a business owner or manager you would never like to lose a potential customer. Especially because of a trivial thing such as, not having a proper phone number on your website. Or on your profile page from where you are selling your product or service.

Hence, getting a US number for your website would be of greater priority, to convert your visitors into paying customers.


Getting a US Number from India was difficult. But not anymore.

If living in western countries, the process getting a US phone number becomes a lot easier. But if you are living in India. And also want to get a phone number there are not that many options available for you.

Below are 3 easy steps. Following it would get yourself a US number from India. You can get local number of any City or state of your choice. For your business, you can get hold of a USA toll free number in just 2 minutes.


Step 1: Go to the website

US phone number from India.
US phone number from India.


Step 2:  Select USA in country drop-down & then select your number.

Get US Phone Number from any city/state.
Get US Number from any city/state.




Step 3: In destination Select India & Put the number where you want to receive the calls.


Call forwarding from US to India.
Call forwarding from US to India.


That;s it. You can now receive the calls to your existing phone. Anytime someone call you on the US Phone Number.

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