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Canada is a country that has seen a significant growth in companies that want to trade and the economy is fairly stable and thus is a superb place to do business. Like all countries people and businesses when they phone a company they prefer to call a local or even Canadian Toll Free Number. You can get a Canadian phone number simply by being able to buy a Canadian Virtual number.

Virtual numbers allow your company to set up a business presence in Canada without actually being there. You can choose a local number from a wide selection of towns and cities across Canada or even choose a Canadian Toll Free Number, you can choose to be in and let your customers know you are in a town or city nearby. The credibility statement that a local or toll free number creates is significant and the cost to do so is not high.

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To buy a Canadian Virtual number that opens up your presence locally and nationally is a straightforward process and takes only a few minutes. The technology behind the phone numbers means that you could be in Germany while your local customer is calling from almost anywhere in Canada. The number called is diverted to you at no extra cost to the caller no matter where you are, the number can be diverted to a mobile phone, PABX system or a simple landline, you can even have the number forwarded to multiple numbers anywhere in the world ensuring you never miss a call.

In the past the only way to be present in Canada was to have a Canadian office or a phone centre that manually forwarded your calls. The cost of setting up a business in Canada was therefore high and the risks equally as high. When you get a Canadian phone number you can assess the market clearly and have a number of local virtual offices, allowing you to ascertain how best to manage your business in Canada.

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Remember Canada is a bilingual country with either English or French being spoken. With a virtual forwarded phone number the language barrier can be overcome and one line for English and another for French can be affordably set up and diverted to someone that can speak the language of choice.

This simple use of a call forwarding service can set your business apart from another and again gives you an even more local feel to your global presence.

You can easily answer the question: do you set up a full time office or does the Canadian Toll Free Number or local number work fine for you? You will be able to understand what parts of the country work best for you.

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