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The UK is one of the most expensive countries in the world to set up a business or establish a branch office. Because of this many companies looking to set up a local presence get a UK Phone number or even a UK Toll Free Number and it is much easier to buy a UK virtual number than you would think. The latest telecommunications technology allows your business to set up a virtual office in a choice of towns and cities across the UK. Like nearly all countries in the world people in the UK would prefer to call a local number of ideally a UK Toll Free Number when they want to business. Being local gives added comfort to a customer and the credibility from being seen as a local business pays off nearly always. Setting up your local presence in the UK is quick, easy and reliable.

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Getting UK virtual number and call forwarding

When you buy a UK Virtual Number you can be based anywhere in the world. The advanced technology replicates everything about a UK phone number right down to the unique sounding call and dial tone. Your UK number in say Huddersfield can be forwarded at no extra cost to the caller to a mobile phone, PABX or a standard landline phone anywhere in the world. The calls can also be forwarded to a number of numbers simultaneously to ensure no call is missed 24/7. To your caller you are just down the road while you could be anywhere and your caller in none the wiser.

The cost of setting up a local UK phone number is not high; the cost is far lower than setting up an office or multiple offices across the country. With a wide choice of towns and cities to choose from your company can trade where it wants to trade with the people who want to do business with you. A local forwarded number allows your business to test the market with little cost or risk, the technology also allows for a number to be in place for a limited time around a promotion or event for example allowing you to run things as if they were in the UK.

Setting up your UK local number

The process for setting up your UK phone number is straightforward and takes only a matter of minutes. You pick up the cost of the call diversion or forwarding and the customer pays only a local rate or even nothing should a toll free number be chosen. You remain in control of the number and where a call is sent to along with the reporting and billing allow you to make educated business decisions about your business operations in the UK.

A UK local number is the most cost-effective and low risk solution to establishing your business in the UK.

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