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Germany is one of the economic powerhouses of Europe. Any company looking to establish a presence or extend a presence in Germany will understand that telecommunication will be the most important part of the operations. The fastest and most affordable way to establish or extend a presence in Germany is to buy a German Virtual Number. There are number cities in Germany each with their own benefits for a particular industry or product and it is possible to get a German phone number for most cities and regions. Alternatively if a national presence is required a German Toll Free Number is available.

It is a straightforward process to get a German phone number and something that is extremely affordable. When you buy a German Virtual number your German presence or next German office is established in a matter of minutes. With immediate integration to the sophisticated German telephone network your business is as good as in Germany, in a city or region of your choosing.

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Germany is part of a diverse multi-country trade zone but people still prefer to phone either a local number of German Toll free number when doing business or requiring service. A local German phone number makes calling your business affordable and convenient. Credibility in the German market is attained with a local or Toll Free number and demonstrates that business in Germany is taken seriously.

With a German Virtual Number calls made in Germany can be forwarded to any phone number, anywhere in the world. Whether you have a structured call centre that uses a sophisticated PABX system for filtering and diverting calls or if you have a single line coming in to your small office, your German prospects and German customers will believe you are in Germany and be none the wiser that you are on other side of the world. Your German number can also be diverted to a mobile phone to ensure no call is missed.

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Detailed billing and the ability add or remove numbers with ease makes your German Virtual number a powerful business tool. Reports pulled from the billing allow for business decisions to be made based on accurate and actual information, knowing if Dresden is better for your product that Berlin allows for the right business move to be made.

Germany is a tough market to enter and the risks and costs to open an office in the country make trade difficult and prohibitive for many. A virtual phone number reduces both cost and risk and is the most efficient way to enter the German market.

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