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Japan, the land of the rising sun, has been an important country to trade with for many years and despite its small size geographically it is a major trade partner for many companies all over the world. Setting up an office in Japan, that keeps Japanese hours and speaks Japanese is a costly exercise and one that many companies shy away from. Technology has changed this and has even seen some companies pull out of Japan yet still remain active in the country. Companies have achieved the illusion of being local because they can buy a Japanese Virtual number that means they get a Japanese phone number or even a Japanese Toll Free Number.

To get a Japanese phone number or Japanese Toll Free number the process is straightforward, hassle free and extremely quick. Telecommunication technology has made long distance phone calls a thing of the past and any company large or small can now establish a presence in the once almost impossible to enter Japanese market.

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TA local Japanese phone number creates an immediate domestic presence and with this comes credibility because the company is taking Japan seriously. Having a local presence is vital for trade, people prefer to call a local or even better free phone number when they want to do business. Having a number that is always answered that keeps Japanese time simply improves the level of customer service offered.

With a Japanese Virtual phone number there is no indication that the call is being forwarded perhaps halfway round the world, the dialling tone even sounds the same as if one was calling domestically in Japan. The call can be forwarded to a complex call centre where customer service agents sit behind a sophisticated PABX controlled phone system that diverts the call the right person to answer the call or the call can be diverted to a small or home office with a single phone line. It makes no difference how simple or complex your phone system is, it can even be a mobile phone, your Japanese number can be forwarded anywhere on any phone. With an affordable and easy to set up virtual phone number you will never miss an important call.

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Detailed billing is a given with a virtual phone number. The value of this billing can pay for the virtual number itself with important actual information on calls made available to report on, service calls vs sales calls for example can determine a number of factors that can make a big difference to a business bottom line.

A Virtual phone number is the most sensible solution to operating a business or branch in Japan. Affordable, reliable and easy to set up and use.

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