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Mexico is a small country tucked away over the border from the United States of America and is an important, strategic and yet challenging market to trade with. The easiest way to gain a business presence in Mexico is by getting a Mexican phone number or even better a Mexican Toll Free number. The easiest way to get either of these numbers is to buy a Mexican virtual phone number.

Buying a Mexican Virtual phone number is extremely straightforward and the procedure takes a matter of minutes and your number is ready just as soon. With a virtual phone number your business can appear to be operating from almost anywhere in Mexico giving an instant virtual local presence. With a choice of towns and cities across Mexico a truly local image is created.

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A Mexican Toll Free Number gives instant credibility and allows prospects and customers to contact and communicate at no cost to them with no indication that the number is being diverted to another part of the world. Toll Free Numbers are proven to drive more calls to a company, especially a new company in a country or region.

When you buy a Mexican virtual number you are investing in technology that creates a low risk route of entry to South America with no in-country costs to consider. The technology allows a call made in Mexico to be forwarded to any phone, anywhere in the world. Whether the call is diverted to a sophisticated call centre where calls are prioritised or forwarded to specific departments or people or whether is it sent to a single line in a small or home office the service is the same. The incoming call can even be forwarded to a mobile phone.

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The benefits of having a virtual presence in Mexico with a virtual phone number are considerable. The cost of establishing the presence is minimal and allows a company to choose either to be national with a toll free number or local with a conventional number. Callers in Mexico will want to deal with a company that is or perceives to be in country for the cost of a local call rather than deal with a company who requires a costly international call.

Monthly billing and the ability to add further numbers with ease allows for budgeting and reports drawn from the information can soon determine the whether City A or City B is better for business. A virtual phone number can easily provide the necessary information to ascertain the viability of market at little or no risk and at little cost.

A virtual phone number is the most affordable way to grow your business in Mexico. To obtain your number apply today

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