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South Africa is one of the top economies in Africa and represents a gateway to trade with the rest of Africa. The country is predominantly English speaking and makes an excellent springboard for doing business in Africa. South Africa is a challenging country to enter when it comes to trade and business and finding the right location and not knowing what the ecomomy will be like in a week, month or a couple of months add to the risk and the cost of setting up an office in the country. There is a safe, reliable and very affordable way to gain a presence in South Africa and that is to buy a South African Virtual number and in doing so get a South African phone number or South African Toll Free Number for your business.

A local number provides credibility and South Africa is a country where having a local office for service or sales is important. When you get a South African phone number your business immediately becomes local and is easy to contact. International calls from South Africa are expensive and consumers and other businesses would much rather call a local number to get what they want rather than make a costly call, ideally they would want to call a South African Toll Free Number.

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When calling a South African Virtual number the caller is unaware that the call may be being received Europe or even the United States. A virtual phone number can be forwarded to anywhere in the world and to any phone. Whether your company has a sophisticated PABX controlled phone network or whether you are a work from home small business with a single line your virtual number can be picked up and answered as if the call were coming in from the building next door. A virtual phone number can even be forwarded to a mobile phone meaning you will never miss a call.

Setting up a South African Phone number is a simple process and takes a matter of minutes. Being able to choose from a number of towns and cities your business can appear to be working almost anywhere and the affordability of the numbers will mean that your South African presence can be found in more than one city and can of course expand.

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The detailed billing from the phone number provides accurate and actual data that can assist you in making critical business decisions enabling to you gauge market performance in various cities from the comfort of your own office.

A Virtual number is the sensible and cost effective way to open your business in South Africa without any of the risks that would otherwise have to be dealt with when setting up an office. A virtual number is low cost, low risk and designed to optimise your business communication.

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